HOW TO INSTALL WORDPRESS MANUALLY -. It is different with HOW TO INSTALL WORDPRESS WITHIN ONE MINUTE USING SOFTACULOUS, the users must download wordpress then upload the file into hosting. There is only one difference between two methods to install wordpress, you can use unique codes that is different for db-name and db-user if install wordpress by manually.

 Below is the step by step to create wordpress sites manually.

  1. Download latest wordpress file,then upload the file .zip into publick_html file manager. HOW TO USE FILE MANAGER FTP CLIENT AND CREATE FTP ACCOUNTS.
  2. You may create a database while waiting for the first step. HOW TO CREATE MYSQL DATABASE.
  3. Extract the wordpress .zip and move all wordpress files and folders (wp-admin – wp-config-sample.php) to publick_html.
  4. Open the web address, make sure you use the www or not and use http or https. SSL certificate must be installed if you want to use https, HOW TO ACTIVATE FREE SSL IN CPANEL.
  5. Continue to install by selecting the language to be used.
  6. Enter the database informations into the form, create a unique code for prefix name.

    how to install wordpress malaysia web hosting
    how to install wordpress malaysia web hosting
  7. Select the submit button and the run install button.
  8. Provide the title for website, create a unique username (please don’t use admin as username),an example : My SecretName472 then use the scret password. Provide the email for the admin account.
  9. Select the Intall WordPress button.

Please update the plugins and themes if there are new versions available to update.


Choosing suitable hosting before create wordpress websites is highly recomended, the things are always taken into consideration is;.

  1. The purpose to build websites, for a personal blog or business.
  2. How many files will be used or uploaded into the website.
  3. Advanced or beginner user, includinh the theme and plugins to be used.

You can submit a ticket to us anytime if you need advice in determining the hosting.