After choosing a unique name to be registered as domains the next step is to reserve the domain names. You can read SIMPLE TIPS FOR CHOOSING DOMAIN NAMES if still undecided in choosing a name for the domain. Below is the instructions how to register domain names.

  1. Visit the DOMAIN NAMES PAGE and focus on the domain registration. Type a unique name into the without www, select the extension .com or .net or another. Select the SEARCH button.
  2. If available then you can proceed the order. Please use another name if the domain status is not available.
  3. Select the continue button after searching the domain name.
  4. Select the add on, dns management is for create dns records such as A Records, Cname Records Txt Records etc. This add on is required to make the blogspot and the tumblr domain mapping. Id Protection is used to hide the personal information from the publick. You can add Email forwarding to create own email account and forwarding the email.
  5. Do not change the name servers list if you want to use the dns management on our server (add on). Select the continue button.
  6. Review the chart and select the checkout button if your domain name is correct.
  7. Login or create a new account to continue the order.
  8. The bill will be given after the order is completed.
  9. Create a ticket for contacting us after make a payment, the domain will be active within 3 minutes after payment confirmation.


We will provide the instructions how to set up own domain to blogspot or tumblr, we will setup the domain names if you are not able to do it.