After registering a domain name, there are several steps to configuration the domain with your own server or third party server. Such as, tumblr and blogspot wich is known as

Every platforms have different methods to use a own domain, such as that uses Name Server to mapping the domain, this is easiest method to mapping the domain. And for blogspot or tumblr we need to use the dns to mapping the domains. Below are instructions for using custom domains to blogspot.

  1. Log into the client area and select the domain to visit the domain list page.
  2. Select the domain to be used to replace the blogspot subdomain.
  3. Select the DNS Management.
  4. Create 4 A Records by using the IP address:  ,  ,  and 21 . ( @ as Host name, Type A Record, Ip Address )
  5. Create a CNAME Record by using www as Host name, record type: CNAME and as address.
  6. Log into in the new tab.
  7. Select the settings menu and focus to publishing area.
  8. Select the + setup a 3rd party URL.
  9. Enter the domain names and save the settings.
  10. There is a server error and issued two code like knzjg2orvyo3 and .
  11. Go back to the dns management.
  12. Create a CNAME Record by using the code ( knzjg2orvyo3 as Host name, record type CNAME and as address ).
  13. Save the record. Wait for 5 to 15 minutes to next steps.
  14. Back to blogger settings and save the domain.
  15. If still the error you need to make sure the code used is correct.


Usualy we need a periode of less than 30 minutes to setup the blogspot domains but sometimes the dns need more times to be detected in the internet.